XLSX to PDF Converter

Trying to share spreadsheets? Convert your XLSX to PDF first, so you can share your spreadsheet pretty much anywhere and know it will look accurate for anyone who opens it!

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XLSX Files

Files ending in .xlsx are spreadsheets, likely created in Microsoft Excel. XLSX is the default format for saving spreadsheets in all versions of Excel from 2007 onward. They are XML-based files and an upgraded version of the binary-based format XLS, which was the default for older versions of Excel. Notably, XLSX files do not support macros like the older XLS format. This is for security reasons. The XLSM format can support macros if needed. XLSX files can also be opened and edited with Open Office programs, such as LibreOffice. Google Sheets supports importing XLSX files.

XLSX to PDF Conversion

Although Microsoft Excel is incredibly popular, it can still sometimes be difficult to share spreadsheets you create with it. For example, if you share a spreadsheet with someone and they try to open it on their phone without the proper app installed, the file simply won’t open. You can work around this easily by using our 100% free XLSX to PDF converter! This system allows you to upload one or more XLSX files and receive PDF versions of those files in return. Those PDFs will open on pretty much any device, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, computer, or even an e-reader. The conversion process takes seconds, doesn’t require you to enter any personal information, and you can use it as much as you like without spending a penny. This is the best way to share, upload, or archive your spreadsheets!