PPT to PDF Converter

Make sure your slide deck is compatible with anyone’s computer by converting PPT to PDF. Each slide becomes one page of a PDF, making sharing and archiving much easier!

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PPT Files

Files ending in .ppt are a collection of slides to be used as a slideshow. PPT files were probably created in early versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, specifically those pre-2004. However, other programs can create PPT files, too. These are binary-based files and have been superseded by PPTX, which is an XML-based format that is superior to and more versatile than PPT. All versions of PowerPoint can open PPT files, but PowerPoint software from 2004 forward saves in PPTX by default. Generally, saving slideshows to PPT is not recommended as PPTX is superior in every way.

PPT to PDF Conversion

If you have a PowerPoint presentation saved in the older PPT format, you might want to convert it to a more modern format before sharing it with someone. After all, your slide deck doesn’t have much use if the people you share it with can’t open it! We recommend converting PPT to PDF for this purpose. PDFs work with pretty much any device, so you won’t need to worry about compatibility issues. Using PDF for archiving those PPT files is also advisable, as there’s no telling how long it will be before even Microsoft doesn’t support PPT anymore. With a PDF, you don’t even need PowerPoint to be installed to see the slides! Remember that our conversion service is totally free, with no downloads or personal information required. You can even upload as many PPTs as you like, so get started today!