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DOCX Files

Files ending in .docx are document files likely created using Microsoft Word 2007 or later. The DOCX format was designed to replace the DOC format. The X stands for XML, which represents the move from a binary structure to a combination of XML and binary. However, the important aspect of DOCX is its standardization, which makes it available within many programs other than Word. XML support also allows for more and different types of information to be saved in the file. Word programs from earlier than 2007 will not be able to natively open DOCX files.

DOCX to PDF Conversion

Many people prefer to use standalone word processors to craft their documents, especially suites like Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice. The problem, however, is that not everyone has these pieces of software installed on their computer, to say nothing of their mobile devices. That could cause issues if you share a document with someone, as they might face errors opening up the file. That usually isn’t a problem with PDFs, though, because modern computers and mobile devices can natively read PDFs with no additional software needed. You can easily prevent any issues by converting your DOCX to a PDF using our free browser-based tool. You just need to upload one or more DOCX files and watch as our server creates PDF copies instantly. There’s no limit to the number of conversions you can do, so get started now!