SVG to PDF Converter

Ensure that your vector-based images look great on any system using this SVG to PDF converter! It’s free, doesn’t require any downloads, and you can use it as much as you like.

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SVG Images

Files ending in .svg are vector graphic files. A vector image is one that is not based on a pixel grid but rather on points, lines, curves, and polygons. Vector graphics are ideal for objects that need to be resized without any loss in quality. SVG is an open format, which means any piece of graphic design software can create and edit SVG files. Browsers can also open SVG files, and they are used quite often in web design. If needed, you can easily convert SVGs to raster files, such as PNG.

SVG to PDF Conversion

SVGs are an integral part of web development as well as graphic design. However, sharing SVG files can be tricky, as not every system out there will natively open them. Mobile devices — both iPhone and Android — will face issues opening an SVG, for example. To avoid complications, we highly recommend converting an SVG to a PDF before sharing it with someone. This will ensure the recipient can open the file without downloading another piece of software. As an added bonus, our online tool can combine multiple SVGs into one PDF, which can make sharing SVGs even easier because everything is in one place. Simply upload multiple SVGs here, and our tool will put each one into one page of a PDF. Remember that this is a 100% free service with no sign-ups or downloads necessary!