PDF to TXT Converter

Shrink down a PDF to just the core text with this PDF to TXT converter! Save space on your hard drive and make PDFs easier to edit with this free tool.

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TXT Files

Files ending in .txt are text documents. These simple documents are usually made up of ASCII characters, although non-English-speaking countries might use different characters. TXT files can be used for simple word processing, code writing, or even giving instructions for other programs to then read. TXT files are also platform-agnostic, making them easy to share between different programs and even operating systems with minimal formatting changes or errors. Unfortunately, TXT files do not have rich-text capabilities, which prevents you from using italics, bold text, URLs, etc.

PDF to TXT Conversion

PDFs can take up a lot of space on your hard drive. Even if they are made up of mostly text, they take up much more space than a simple text file. Thankfully, you can shrink down your large PDFs by converting them from PDF to TXT. Our free online service pulls the text from PDFs and creates a new TXT file. Not only does this make the file smaller, but it also makes it much easier to edit and copy the text information of a PDF, which is usually difficult to edit without using special software. Obviously, the text file won’t have photos, hyperlinks, or other rich-text information, but if all you need is the raw text, this conversion process will work perfectly for you! You can convert as many PDFs as you like for free, so be sure to test out the service for yourself.