PDF Compressor

Is your PDF too large to email? Use this tool to compress a PDF so it reduces in size. This is a free service and you can use it as many times as you like.

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Shrink Your PDF Documents

If you try to email a file that is too large, you might get that email bounced back to you. If the file you attached was a PDF, don’t worry: it’s incredibly easy to compress a PDF so it becomes smaller but still retains all the important information. Our 100% free browser-based service can handle this task for you! All you need to do is upload one or more PDFs, and then our server will shrink them down. All the text, URLs, images, charts, and other aspects of the PDF will still be there, but the file just won’t be as large. This will help you to share a large PDF without needing to alter anything. Obviously, there are limits to this, so if your PDF is humongous, we won’t be able to shrink it down to 1kb or anything. But we can help make things more compact!