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Unlock the potential of your e-books by converting MOBI to PDF. You can read PDFs anywhere, not just on e-readers, so get your e-books converted now for free!

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MOBI Files

Files ending in .mobi are e-books. MOBI is one of the many proprietary e-book formats. Although internal details about the format aren’t available due to its privately-owned nature, it is widely supported on many e-readers, including modern Kindles. However, MOBI isn’t the best e-book format because it has some big limitations, such as images not being scalable with text, no nesting tables, and no audio/video support. MOBI files can easily be converted to other e-book formats for free, including PDF, ePub, and more.

MOBI to PDF Conversion

Many e-books out there are in the MOBI format. This format is popular for many e-readers, including Amazon’s series of Kindles. Unfortunately, devices that aren’t e-readers don’t natively support the MOBI format. This includes smartphones, Android tablets, iPads, laptops, desktops, and more. Thankfully, these systems all support PDFs, so why not convert MOBI to PDF and make things way easier? Some MOBI-specific features won’t make the conversion, but PDFs will display all the e-book’s text, images, diagrams, links, and more. You’ll be able to start a book on your Kindle, continue on your phone, and then finish it off on your laptop. Our totally free service will perform this conversion for you as many times as needed. You could convert your whole library of e-books without spending a penny!