EPS to PDF Converter

Outside of graphic designers, most people don’t have the software necessary to open up an EPS file. Use our free EPS to PDF converter to create a shareable version!

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EPS Images

Files ending in .eps are compound image files. This is an old format first developed in the 80s. The intent was to have a PostScript image file that also supported a low-resolution preview — like a thumbnail. This would enable designers to easily see a preview of an image in various programs. However, due to vulnerabilities in the format, it has fallen out of favor. Microsoft Office, for example, hasn’t supported EPS files since 2018. PDFs would be a suitable replacement for an EPS file, and converting EPS to PDF is easy to do.

EPS to PDF Conversion

Graphic designers sometimes prefer to save their work in EPS format. While this is a great format for drawings, graphics, and logos, it’s not particularly useful for people outside of the design field. If you have an EPS file and want to view it on a computer that doesn’t have a program like Adobe Illustrator installed, convert it to a PDF! You can easily convert EPS to PDF using our browser-based free service. You just need to upload an EPS file (or multiple files), and our server will create a PDF copy of it. You can then download the file and share or archive it without concerns about future compatibility. If you’re concerned about watermarks on the designs, don’t worry: our system doesn’t use watermarks! It’s a clean conversion, and you can perform as many of them as you need.