DjVu to PDF Converter

Got a DjVu file? You might want to convert it to a PDF before sharing it since most people won’t know what it is. Use our free DjVu to PDF converter!

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DjVu Files

Files ending in .djvu are fixed documents similar to PDFs. DjVu files (pronounced like déjà vu) were designed in the 90s as an open-source format for sharing documents on the web. In many ways, they are superior to PDFs in that they have better compression (which results in smaller file sizes) as well as universal support due to the open-source nature of the format. However, when PDFs were standardized in 2008, DjVu started to wane in popularity. Regardless, you can still open DjVu files using free open-source software on all operating systems.

DjVu to PDF Conversion

The DjVu format used to be pretty popular, but PDFs have since overtaken it in popularity significantly. If you have a fixed document saved as DjVu, it would be a good idea to, at the very least, make a PDF copy of it so you can have a more modern version for sharing and archiving. Performing this conversion would likely require you to download (and maybe even pay for) specialized software. Thankfully, our DjVu-to-PDF service can handle this task for you right in your web browser! Our completely free tool can take any DjVu document and turn it into a PDF. No watermarks are used, and we don’t require an email address or a credit card. Just upload your document, wait a few seconds for the conversion, and then download your fresh new PDF!