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DOC Files

Files ending in .doc are document files likely created using Microsoft Word 2004 or earlier. This proprietary format has existed since the early days of 80s computing. DOC files hold text and formatting information for that text. Although the DOC format is owned and controlled by Microsoft, other word processors can read and even create DOC files, although they won’t be as fully featured as those created in Word. The DOC format has been superseded since the early 2000s by the DOCX format, which is based on XML and standardized, making it more available to more users.

DOC to PDF Conversion

If you spent a lot of time picking fonts, layout options, colors, and image placements in an old Word document, you probably want to make sure that whoever reads it sees all that the way you intended for it to look. However, this sometimes doesn’t work with the DOC format because installed fonts, display size, and operating system versions can affect DOC layouts. This isn’t the case for fixed documents like PDFs, though, which is why converting from DOC to PDF is very important, especially when sharing documents. Our free conversion tool can handle this for you by quickly turning a Word document into a PDF. Best of all, you can perform as many conversions as needed without watermarks or any other changes to the document’s content. Get started now by uploading one or more DOCs and grabbing your new PDFs!