PDF to JPG Converter

Need to upload a PDF to a social network? Most don’t accept PDF uploads, but all of them support JPG, so convert a PDF to a JPG using this tool!

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JPG Images

Files ending in .jpg or .jpeg are image files. JPG or JPEG files are raster images, which means they are made up of a grid of colored pixels. JPGs are automatically compressed when created, making them a lossy image format. Because of their high-quality compression and ease of use, JPGs are now the most common image standard in the world. They are ideal for sharing on the web, use in web publishing, and storage. JPGs can be opened natively within every major operating system and are supported in almost all image-based software.

PDF to JPG Conversion

The PDF is one of the most widely used document types in the world. While it’s incredibly useful, it’s not possible to upload PDFs as images. This can be frustrating if you want to share a PDF on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, for example. Thankfully, it’s really easy to convert PDF to JPG, which is a very popular image format. Doing this conversion will allow you to upload the contents of a PDF anywhere JPGs are supported, which includes all the previously mentioned social networks. This also allows you to markup the PDF in an image editor, including Paint and Photoshop. You can perform as many conversions as you need without cost, and you don’t need to give us your credit card or even your email address. Just upload, convert, and enjoy!