PDF to TIFF Converter

Turn a multi-page PDF into a multi-image TIFF using our free PDF to TIFF converter! This will allow you to archive or edit your PDFs as images.

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TIFF Images

Files ending in .tiff are raster image files. Sometimes, the file format can be .tif, but the formats are the same. Fundamentally, there aren’t too many differences between TIFFs and other raster image formats, such as JPG or PNG. The big difference is that TIFFs can contain multiple images, which JPGs and PNGs can’t do. This makes TIFFs ideal for sharing many high-quality images in one file. Most image editing software natively supports TIFFs, such as Adobe Photoshop. However, it is easy to convert TIFFs to other formats if necessary.

PDF to TIFF Conversion

If you’re trying to turn your PDF files into images, you might face problems with multi-page PDFs. What do you do? Turn each page into its own image? That will get confusing very quickly. The better solution would be to convert from PDF to TIFF, since TIFFs can hold multiple images within one file. Our free conversion service can handle this for you and will automatically turn each page of a PDF into one image and bundle all the images together into one TIFF. You can then archive this TIFF or open the images in an editor and markup the pages as much as you like. There isn’t a limit to how many conversions you can do with this tool, so feel free to convert as many files as you need. Just remember that not all image editors will support TIFF, but the major ones will, including Adobe Photoshop.