TXT to PDF Converter

Save your text files as PDFs with our free TXT to PDF converter! If you’re having trouble uploading a text document somewhere, converting it to PDF could be exactly what you need.

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TXT Files

Files ending in .txt are text documents. These simple documents are usually made up of ASCII characters, although non-English-speaking countries might use different characters. TXT files can be used for simple word processing, code writing, or even giving instructions for other programs to then read. TXT files are also platform-agnostic, making them easy to share between different programs and even operating systems with minimal formatting changes or errors. Unfortunately, TXT files do not have rich-text capabilities, which prevents you from using italics, bold text, URLs, etc.

TXT to PDF Conversion

Pretty much any system can create, open, and edit a simple TXT file. However, uploading TXT files can be difficult. When it comes to documents, most sites want fixed documents, such as PDFs. In those cases, converting a text document to a PDF would be the best move. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to do this when you use our handy TXT-to-PDF conversion tool! The browser-based service doesn’t require you to download anything, spend any money, or hand over your email address. Simply upload your text file, wait a few seconds, and download your new PDF. You can then upload that PDF anywhere text documents are accepted. In addition, converting to PDF makes it harder for other people to edit your TXT file, which adds a minor layer of security for your document. Start your conversion today!