PDF to AZW3 Converter

Convert your PDF e-books to native Kindle format. This PDF to AZW3 converter is easy to use, fast, and free, and it can convert your entire library if needed.

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AZW3 Files

Files ending in .azw3 are ebook files designed for the Amazon Kindle. These files are also sometimes referred to as Kindle Format 8. Either way, they work exclusively on Kindle e-readers, tablets, and applications created by Amazon. Amazon used the MOBI format as the basis for the original AZW format, essentially applying digital rights management (DRM) protection to make a proprietary ebook standard. AZW3 files can easily be converted to other formats so they can be used with other non-Amazon devices.

PDF to AZW3 Conversion

The default e-book format for modern Amazon Kindle devices is AZW3. If you have e-books formatted as PDFs, you will still be able to read them on a Kindle, but converting them to AZW3 will make the experience much better. It doesn’t cost anything to make this conversion using our free online service. Simply upload your PDF and receive the same e-book as an AZW3 file in a matter of seconds. There is no limit to the number of conversions you can do and no requirements for your email or credit card information. Once converted, you can easily transfer your AZW3 file to your Kindle using Amazon’s official tools or an e-book management system such as Calibre. We recommend performing the conversion on a laptop or PC, but our conversion tool also works on mobile devices.