TIFF to PDF Converter

Instead of sharing multiple TIFF files, compile them all together into one PDF. Use our free, quick, and simple TIFF-to-PDF browser tool to make the conversion happen!

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TIFF Images

Files ending in .tiff are raster image files. Sometimes, the file format can be .tif, but the formats are the same. Fundamentally, there aren’t too many differences between TIFFs and other raster image formats, such as JPG or PNG. The big difference is that TIFFs can contain multiple images, which JPGs and PNGs can’t do. This makes TIFFs ideal for sharing many high-quality images in one file. Most image editing software natively supports TIFFs, such as Adobe Photoshop. However, it is easy to convert TIFFs to other formats if necessary.

TIFF to PDF Conversion

While TIFFs are great for high-quality image files, having a bunch of TIFFs can be tricky. Uploading TIFFs can be difficult because lots of sites won’t accept them, and sharing TIFFs via email or other means can face issues as well, especially if you have a bunch. Thankfully, you can easily compile multiple TIFFs as pages of a PDF using our browser-based TIFF to PDF converter! Just upload one or more images saved as TIFFs, and our server will put each one into one page of a PDF. You can then share, archive, or upload that PDF wherever appropriate. As an added bonus, compiling many large TIFF files into one PDF could drastically reduce the total file size needed for sharing, so you really can’t lose with this conversion process. Also, did we mention it’s totally free?