PDF to SVG Converter

Want to edit a PDF in Adobe Illustrator? The best thing to do would be to convert the PDF to SVG, which you can do using our online tool!

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SVG Images

Files ending in .svg are vector graphic files. A vector image is one that is not based on a pixel grid but rather on points, lines, curves, and polygons. Vector graphics are ideal for objects that need to be resized without any loss in quality. SVG is an open format, which means any piece of graphic design software can create and edit SVG files. Browsers can also open SVG files, and they are used quite often in web design. If needed, you can easily convert SVGs to raster files, such as PNG.

PDF to SVG Conversion

You can open PDFs and even edit them in Adobe Illustrator. However, your editing tools are limited. To get the full editing capabilities Illustrator offers, you’ll want to convert the PDF to SVG beforehand. This is very easy to do using our free online tool. Just upload a PDF, and our software will convert it to an SVG in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind, however, that this works best for PDFs that are mostly made up of text and simple graphics. If your PDF has photographs or detailed imagery, your vector file will likely look a bit strange. This is the best and easiest way to control a PDF in Illustrator, though. There is no limit to the number of PDF conversions you can do, so feel free to create as many SVG files as necessary to get your project completed!