OXPS to PDF Converter

Not everyone knows what an OXPS file is, but pretty much everyone has seen a PDF before. Convert OXPS to PDF before sharing a document just in case!

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OXPS Files

Files ending in .oxps are fixed documents. A fixed document is like an image of a document in that it is designed to look the same on all platforms. This makes them ideal for sharing on the internet. A PDF, for example, is a type of fixed document. Microsoft created the XPS (and eventually OXPS) format as a direct competitor to the PDF format. However, PDFs ended up becoming the most popular fixed-document format globally, leaving OXPS behind. Nowadays, few programs support OXPS. Thankfully, it is easy to convert OXPS files to PDF to preserve them.

OXPS to PDF Conversion

If you’re going to share a document with someone, you want it to be in a format the recipient trusts and understands. While OXPS is a great format, there’s no denying that PDF is a far more popular file type. To play it safe, we highly recommend converting OXPS to PDF before sharing a document so you know the recipient will know the file is safe. In the end, OXPS documents and PDF documents are incredibly similar, so our conversion system has no trouble moving your data between the two formats. Best of all, we offer this conversion system free of cost and enable you to use it as much as you need. You could convert hundreds or even thousands of documents with this system and not need to spend even one cent. We don’t require your email, and there won’t be a watermark on any of your documents.