ODT to PDF Converter

Don’t know if the person to whom you’re sending a document has OpenOffice? Convert ODT to PDF to make sure they can read it without any additional software!

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ODT Files

Files ending in .odt are documents. ODT stands for “OpenDocument Text,” which refers to word processing programs that use the OpenDocument format. This includes popular free programs like Apache OpenOffice, NeoOffice, and LibreOffice. Essentially, an ODT file is an XML-based text document similar to a DOCX document from Microsoft Word. Proprietary programs — such as Word and Google Docs — can open and edit ODT files thanks to their open-source nature. Word can even save ODT files as DOCX files natively.

ODT to PDF Conversion

The ODT format is used for documents composed with Apache OpenOffice Writer and other OpenOffice-based programs. It’s also a great format for sharing those documents — If you know for certain that the person receiving the file has an OpenOffice word processor. If they do, you know they’ll be able to open it, read it, and even edit it. However, what if you don’t know if they have the software? We highly recommend converting ODT to PDF in those situations. To make things easy, we created a conversion system that can handle this for you as much as you like without you needing to spend a dime. It will preserve all (or at least most) of your formatting, fonts, images, hyperlinks, and more during the conversion process. In the end, you’ll have a terrific fixed-document version of your ODT file.