HEIC to PDF Converter

Your iPhone captures photos in HEIC by default, but sharing those files with non-iPhone users might cause problems. Convert HEIC to PDF for free and save yourself the hassle!

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HEIC Images

Files ending in .heic are image files. One HEIC file can contain one or many images. HEIC files are sometimes labeled as HEIF files (even with .heif), although HEIF is a storage format and HEIC is an image format that uses HEIF. Regardless, the two terms have become somewhat interchangeable. HEIC is positioned as a better alternative to the JPG format because it can store higher-quality images with smaller file sizes. HEIC images are most commonly created by iPhones and iPads because Apple moved those devices to this standard in 2017.

HEIC to PDF Conversion

Since 2017, the default image format for iPhone cameras has been HEIC. These files offer higher visual fidelity and smaller file sizes when compared to JPGs, the usual format for smartphone camera photos. While HEIC files are good, they aren’t really good for sharing since opening them on devices that aren’t iPhones can be tricky. If you are trying to share HEIC files with someone, it would be a good idea to convert them to a format they will likely be able to use, such as PDF. Using our HEIC to PDF converter makes this process easy, fast, and best of all — free! Just upload your HEIC files to our web tool and watch as they are instantly converted into PDFs, making them easy to share or archive. You can use this tool as much as you like, and there will never be any watermarks or other alterations to your photos.