CHM to PDF Converter

If you have some CHM documents, you might want to save or share them as PDFs. This free online tool can quickly perform a CHM-to-PDF conversion!

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CHM Files

Files ending in .chm are compressed HTML documents. These are older files primarily used by the Windows operating system for help documentation. In old versions of Windows, CHM files would be the primary way help articles would be delivered to the user. CHM files can contain text, hyperlinks, and images. Additionally, thanks to the compression, they would be small in size. In recent versions of Windows, though, help documentation is delivered via the web browser, making CHM largely a retired format. However, you can still natively open CHM files within modern versions of Windows.

CHM to PDF Conversion

The CHM format is quite old and rarely sees use anymore since Microsoft moved to browser-based help articles and e-books moved to other formats. If you have some CHM documents — whether they are e-books or old Windows help documents — you might want to preserve them in a more modern, shareable format. That’s what our CHM to PDF converter is all about! Simply upload one or more CHM files using our free browser-based tool. Our server will convert those CHMs into PDFs which you can then download, preserve, or share. The entire process is free, doesn’t involve watermarks, and doesn’t require any information from you. As the days go on, it is going to be more and more difficult to share or even view CHM files, so this is an important conversion you should do soon.