PS to PDF Converter

Convert your old PostScript files to fixed documents! Using our PS to PDF converter, you can preserve, archive, upload, and share your PS files in a modern and accessible format.

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PS Files

Files ending in .ps are technically images. However, rather than specifically photographs, PS files are usually fixed documents containing text and graphics. PS stands for “PostScript”, which is a language developed by Adobe in the 80s. The intention was to create a robust format for accurately sharing and printing page layouts with a PostScript printer. Over time, however, the PS format waned in popularity and has been mostly replaced with Adobe’s other fixed-document format, PDF. Today, the PS format sees little support, and PDF is recommended as a replacement.

PS to PDF Conversion

The PostScript format used to be very popular, but it has become pretty much obsolete over the years. If you have a PS file, why not convert it to a different format so you can archive, share, or upload it? For this, the portable document format — or PDF for short — is an ideal solution! To convert PS to PDF, you can use our browser-based conversion tool. It is totally free and doesn’t require any personal information from you. And, since it’s a browser-based service, you don’t need to download any software, either. Simply upload your PS file and watch as our server converts it into a PDF. Once converted, you can archive or share that PDF file as you normally would. Now your PS files are in a modern format, and it didn’t cost you anything!