XLS to PDF Converter

Turn your spreadsheet into a fixed document with our XLS-to-PDF conversion system! This free and easy-to-use tool makes it simple to archive and share your spreadsheets.

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XLS Files

Files ending in .xls are spreadsheets, likely created in Microsoft Excel. Prior to 2007, the XLS format was the default format in Excel. This binary-based format allowed for storing datasets and most basic Excel features, but file sizes were quite large. After 2007, Microsoft started using XLSX as the default format, which is XML-based and allows for smaller file sizes. All versions of Excel can open XLS files, and it is easy to convert XLS to the modern XLSX format if needed. It is still possible to save a spreadsheet in the XLS format if you choose.

XLS to PDF Conversion

If you have a spreadsheet saved in the old XLS format, you might be finding it difficult to share it. Most places that accept spreadsheet uploads don’t accept XLS anymore, after all. You can get around this by converting XLS to PDF. Doing so will make it much easier to share that document. You’ll also have the added benefit of controlling the way your spreadsheet looks, as PDFs have fixed layouts, so you won’t need to wonder how it will look when someone else opens it up. PDFs can also be opened on pretty much every device out there, regardless of the operating system. To get started, simply upload one or more XLS files to our converter, and sit back as the system automatically converts them. Once finished, you can download your new files and start over. Don’t worry about payment because this service is completely free!