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Use our free service to convert a PDF to ePub. This is the perfect tool for turning PDFs into an e-book format widely supported by e-readers!

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ePub Files

Files ending in .epub are e-book files. They are made up of HTML, images, style sheets, and other elements readers would expect from an e-book document. Nearly all e-readers on the market support ePub, making it a good format for sharing e-books. Likewise, ePub files can be easily opened using free software on all the major operating systems. It is also easy to convert other e-book formats to ePub. This is why many publishing groups endorse ePub as the preferred format for e-readers.

PDF to ePub Conversion

Almost all e-readers support PDFs, including the popular Amazon Kindle. However, the ePub format is recommended by multiple organizations as being the best file type for consuming e-books because the format supports many features that PDFs don’t. If you have a PDF you want to read on an e-reader, converting that PDF to ePub could be a great idea. Thankfully, performing this conversion is simple using our 100% free online tool. All you need to do is upload one or more PDFs, and our service will give you a watermark-free version in the ePub format. There is no limit to the number of conversions you can perform, so feel free to convert all the PDFs you like. You don’t need to give us your email, either! Once converted, you can transfer your new ePub documents to an e-reader using Calibre or the software specific to your device.